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What you can do

Send Email to Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland

Send Email to or call NPS Director Charles Sams 

Email or call your congressperson - they need to hear that you love the national parks

Follow #saveprns on Instagram

Add your email to the PRRR mail list - PRRR NEVER shares emails

If you want to help finance litigation, donate to Advocates for the West, Western Watersheds, or Center for Biological Diversity 


To volunteer to do in person advocacy or just ask questions, please call (650)799-3652 or email:


Whether you want to see ranching ended or if you want the ranchers to stay, please support this national park by encouraging Superintendent Craig Kenkel to find a way to increase the resources for this park. The park is underfunded. If nothing else, that needs to change.

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